Are you tired of struggling to communicate effectively and failing to positively influence those around you?

Are you seeking to enhance your persuasion skills, build stronger relationships, achieve your goals, whilst helping others achieve theirs?

Do you see the best in people and wish you had a way to help them see this for themselves?

Whether you're a therapist aiming to help clients achieve faster and more permanent results or an individual looking to improve your communication abilities, conversational hypnosis is the solution you've been searching for.



Conversational hypnosis is a game-changing tool that allows you to influence and persuade others using subtle language patterns and techniques. By accessing the subconscious mind, you can transform people's thoughts, feelings, behaviours and beliefs like never before.


If you've been seeking a powerful method to revolutionise your communication skills, and make a lasting difference on your clients, and those around you, this is it!


At the Australian Hypnosis Training Academy, we're passionate about empowering individuals like you to become true masters of influence. Our comprehensive Conversational Hypnosis Training Programme is specially designed to be accessible to anyone, whether you have prior experience in hypnosis or not, and will equip you with the skills to become a Master Hypnotist. This life-changing program covers 22 modules, ensuring you are adept in the foundations of conversational hypnosis.

10th-12th May & 24th-26th May 2024


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    Imagine the doors that will open when you master the art of Conversational Hypnosis:

    🔹 Gain a deep understanding of hypnotic principles and their application in various contexts.

    🔹 Develop the ability to induce trance states and create change effortlessly, without scripts

    🔹 Elevate your rapport-building and client interview techniques to a level of excellence.

    🔹 Get your client into trance without an induction.

    🔹 Harness the power of language techniques, including the groundbreaking HLO system and Mind Bending Language, to captivate and persuade.

    🔹 Ask the right questions to extract old beliefs and outdated realities.

    🔹 Learn confusion as a way of bypassing the conscious faculty.

    🔹 Master the METIS (The Greek Goddess of Wise Counsel) method for navigating your clients inner landscape and facilitating positive change like never before.

    🔹 Acquire the skill of conversational parts negotiation to resolve inner conflicts and lead to profound personal growth.

    🔹 Recognise and utilise micro-trances, completely undetected, to forge deeper connections and catalyse impactful change.

    🔹 Unlock the secrets of dynamic mental imagery and revivification techniques to transform subconscious patterns and beliefs for lasting results.

    💰 100% Money-Back Guarantee 💰

    We are so confident in the transformative power of our program that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied by the end of the 2nd day, let us know, and we'll refund your investment in full.

    This training programme is designed for individuals passionate about hypnosis, coaching, counseling, or related fields. It's an ideal opportunity for therapists, coaches, psychologists, healthcare professionals, and anyone eager to elevate their communication and influence skills to new heights. It blends perfectly with any primary, allied or alternate health modality.

    Australia Conversational Hypnosis Training Certification

    Your Conversational Hypnosis Training Certification is a 6 day (Split into TWO 3 Day Long Weekends). It contains 22 modules which include the 6 key methodologies which will shift almost any limiting belief and create significant change in those you are working with.


    Module 1: Introduction to Hypnosis
    Establish a solid foundation by understanding the hypnotic context, exploring different trance states, and discovering the uses of hypnosis.

    Module 2: Core Hypnotic Principles
    Dive deeper into the essential aspects of hypnosis, including absorbing attention, bypassing the critical factor, influencing the subconscious, and transforming problems. Learn about the laws of attention, association, the compounding effect, and the Pygmalion Effect.

    Module 3: Hypnotic Language Overload (HLO)
    Harness the power of language in hypnosis and discover the METIS Method for navigation and change. Learn effective use of adverbs, conjunctions (power words), and learn to think (and speak) like a hypnotist.

    Module 4: Creating Meaningful Suggestions
    Discover the art of constructing suggestions that resonate deeply within the subconscious mind. Develop the ability to foster focus, serenity, and profound relaxation within the trance state.

    Module 5: Language Modifiers
    Elevate your hypnotic language skills with the use of modifiers. Shift your focus from mere problem-solving to empowering approaches that truly inspire change.

    Module 6: Augmenting a Trance with Simple Similes
    Harness the evocative power of similes to amplify the impact of your suggestions. Learn to integrate clients' metaphors for deeper engagement and transformation.

    Module 7: Pre-talk - the Set-up
    Understand the critical role of pre-talk and rapport building. Set the stage for successful hypnosis sessions by managing expectations, creating frames and establishing a profound connection with your subjects.

    Module 8: Hypnotic Client Interview
    Master the art of conducting a hypnotic client interview. Learn to identify key points A and B and employ Socratic and Cartesian questioning techniques that unravel the path to lasting change.

    Module 9: The PBAT Formula
    Master the PBAT formula for successful hypnosis sessions, and learn why it is a must, regardless of the style of hypnosis employed.

    Module 10: Handling Abreactions
    Gain insights into the nature of abreactions and learn techniques for calming and resolving them during hypnosis sessions.

    Module 11: Revivification
    Explore the concept of revivification and its application in hypnosis, effectively accessing and utilising past experiences for positive change.

    Module 12: Recognising and Ratifying Subconscious Responses
    Develop the skill of recognising subconscious responses, validate and acknowledge the subconscious process for enhanced rapport, and to deepen trance for facilitating positive change.

    Module 13: Dynamic Mental Imagery (DMI)
    Harness the power of Dynamic Mental Imagery in hypnosis, guiding clients through their own personal transformative journey, to access and transform subconscious patterns and beliefs.

    Module 14: Conscious/Unconscious Dissociation (CUD)
    Create a separation between conscious and unconscious processes, utilising CUD to access and influence the subconscious mind for positive change.

    Module 15: Mind Bending Language (MBL) – The Basics Part 1
    Explore METIS questioning within MBL, learn about negations, embedded commands, tonality, pause, and pull, and discover the power of confusion.

    Module 16: Mind Bending Language (MBL) - The Basics Part 2
    Apply Cartesian coordinates to MBL, learn to cultivate a mind-bending thinking approach, and utilising the ALF formula.

    Module 17: MBL in Action
    Master the MBL Problem Destroyer Strategy and witness MBL in practical applications.

    Module 18: Spontaneous Mind Bending
    Develop the ability to generate the most effective mind-bending questions/statements spontaneously, based on clients' content, ensuring you're never at a loss for words again.

    Module 19: Conversational Regression
    Discover the difference between traditional regression and conversational regression, explore the benefits of the latter, and learn techniques to guide clients through past memories and experiences without retraumatising them.

    Module 20: Conversational Parts Integration
    Grasp the concept of parts in the mind and their influence on behavior, facilitate conversational parts negotiation and integration, and resolve inner conflicts for balance and personal growth.

    Module 21: Applying the 4-Stage Protocol and the HABIT Formula
    Learn the 4-stage protocol for effective hypnosis sessions, apply the HABIT formula within hypnotic contexts, and integrate the two for seamless sessions and desired outcomes.

    Module 22: Setting up for Success & Troubleshooting
    Discover the importance of preparing the hypnotic environment for optimal results, troubleshoot common challenges and roadblocks in hypnosis sessions, and develop flexibility, adaptability, and ethical considerations.

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